Outcomex provides a truly end-to-end IoT solution.

Working with one provider ensures you have a complete IoT capability on a single, comprehensive platform. This means better support and potential cost savings. Take a look at our industry solutions and learn more about how IoT can transform your business.

Sensors and Devices

Installing sensors to collect data from your environment.

Network and Connectivity

Deploying and/or managing your network to connect the sensors to the cloud.

Data Processing

Converting raw data into meaningful information.


Offering visibility of your environment and tasks automation through our Farmdeck app.

Introducing the 365mesh IoT platform

365mesh is Outcomex’s multi-tenant IoT platform, scalable globally. 365mesh can ingest data from any data source, such as cameras, sensors, and vehicles. The 365mesh analytics engine transforms this data using artificial intelligence and machine learning. It constantly learns, evolves, and provides more accurate and meaningful insights for customers.

The 365mesh platform functions with systems separation between Outcomex and other white-label, multi-tenanted partner and customer solutions. This means the platform behind our clients’ IoT environment is kept secure.

Guaranteeing the highest level of quality

We follow a strict quality assurance program for IoT sensors; analysing factors such as their range, sensitivity, battery life, security, manufacturing quality, dust and waterproofing, and ease of integration. Every sensor recommended in an Outcomex IoT solution has been selected following this program, ensuring they are secure and follow the best practice design principles.

Our organisation has over 3 decades of experience in networking technologies and security, which form an integral part of the underlying architecture required for IoT networks. Our expertise is a great advantage when deploying solutions in remote areas with low connectivity and limited power options.


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Keeping your data private

Outcomex provides a private network solely for our clients and all data is kept within Australia. This is unlike various other offerings where data is collected by sensors in Australia, but then processed overseas and sent back for visualisation in Australia, allowing overseas providers to mine and get insights into the data.

With Outcomex IoT solutions, data is owned by our clients and not made available to any other organisation without prior consent. Our entire solution is located onshore, with teams available for onsite installations and all data stored in Australia.

Award-winning solutions, tailored to industry

Outcomex is an award-winning provider of end-to-end Internet of Things. We are the proud recipients of the 2020 ARN Innovation Award winner for Emerging Technologies: IoT for our FoodDeck IoT solution, designed for restaurants and food preparation companies. We also placed first at the ANZ and Global Cisco 2020 Partner Innovation Challenge, recognising innovation around our Farmdeck solution, helping the agriculture industry work smarter and more efficiently.

Take a look at our industry-specific IoT solutions to learn more about what Outcomex can do for your organisation.