Helping to identify and assess an organisation’s security vulnerabilities

Vulnerability assessments are a key part of ensuring a business has a strong security posture, used to identify, quantify, and analyse security vulnerabilities in the IT infrastructure and applications. Since 2020, we have offered vulnerability assessment services, using reliable tools to scan vulnerabilities and provides accurate and in-depth final reports.

By focusing on IT infrastructure and applications, Outcomex ensures that the technology and sensitive data that is key to your business is kept secure and protected from cyber-attacks.  We do so by deploying patches, improving security and functionality, and identifying weak configurations and unknown issues – complying with the major security regulatory standards.

Vulnerability Assessment Benefits

Identifying assets that are at risk

  • Identifies the apps and data, including systems that are at a higher risk of a security breach.

Reviewing the effectiveness of your security controls

  • Better understand how your internal and external defences are able to detect, limit and withstand the latest cyberthreats.

Highlighting areas that require immediate fixing

  • Discover which areas are high risk and require immediate attention and receive actionable advice on how best to fix them.

Providing recommendations and strategic advice

  • Get advice from our experts to help secure your business.

Our vulnerability assessment focus areas

IT infrastructure


We assess the efficiency of your network segmentation, end points, server, and network access restriction.

Pen testing

Penetration Testing

We help strengthen your security posture through an integrated five-step process, addressing vulnerabilities in a business’ network and any new security flaws.


Web applications

We assess the susceptibility of a web app to various attacks following the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) Top 10 Application Security Risks.

Mobile applications

We evaluate the security level of a mobile app following OWASP’s Top 10 Mobile Risks.

Desktop applications

We assess how data is stored in an app, how this app transfers information, and whether any authentication is provided.

Vulnerability management plan

Based on a number of factors about your business, like the complexity and size of your network infrastructure, our team of security experts put together a vulnerability plan by following the below process:

Vulnerability scanning plan

This entails defining the business’s assessment goals, inclusive of compliance checks, by creating a thorough checklist of what needs to be assessed – and determining the type of scan needed (external or internal).

Scan configuration

Discovering which IPs are at risk of being targeted, by understanding which hardware or software they belong to, and adding these addresses to our tool.
Scanning the network for open ports and defining port ranges and protocol types (TCP or UDP), including setting up the scan level and duration.

Vulnerability scan

Scanning the targeted networks and software.

Scan analysis

We manually analyse the scan findings to validate the identified security vulnerabilities, and to determine what the root cause and impact of these vulnerabilities are.

Vulnerabilities report

You will receive vulnerability assessment findings report containing:

  • Vulnerabilities detected within your network, their description and severity level.
  • Corrective actions for each vulnerability.
  • The Vulnerability assessment methodology and tools used for your vulnerability assessment scan.

Patch management

We provide identification, testing, deployment, and verification patches (remediations) to vulnerable operating systems and applications found on devices.

A team of security experts improving your network security

Outcomex offers professional vulnerability assessments services.

Let us help you take care of the security management of your network. Our experienced security engineers are experts in offering end-to-end security services:

  • Offering remediation guidance,
  • Fixing lapses in security control measures
  • Improving security policies.