Restaurants and food preparation companies grow in traffic and reputation by delivering quality, consistent experiences. As a restaurant owner or restaurant manager, you prioritise balancing the cost of operations with finding new ways to encourage customer spending and loyalty. However, these profit-generating activities often take second place to business-as-usual activities, required for health, safety, and simply keeping the lights on. Drive positive customer experiences in a clean restaurant environment, while ensuring your restaurant complies with health and safety regulations.

What is FoodDeck?

FoodDeck is an all-in-one Internet of Things (IoT) solution developed for restaurants and food preparation businesses, with specific features that address key areas of your operations. With sensors and devices, network and connectivity, data processing, and a user application, FoodDeck is a complete IoT solution.

Use FoodDeck to collect data and use this information in real time to optimise the use of employees’ time, or access historical information to make decisions that will improve your restaurant.

Award-winning solutions for industry

Outcomex was awarded the 2020 ARN Innovation Award, Emerging Technologies, for the FoodDeck all-in-one IoT solution. This award recognises FoodDeck’s role in enabling a key customer to monitor fridge temperatures using LoRa technology.

Our winning solution used LoRa technology to communicate between our IP67 rated temperature sensors and a Cisco industrial gateway deployed by Outcomex. This allows data to travel through concrete walls and several floors to reach the gateway, overcoming data communication issues caused by low connectivity. Read more about our what we delivered.