2020 has been a year of highs for Outcomex

After winning first place at the Cisco 2020 Partner Innovation Challenge and the Cisco ANZ 2020 Partner Innovation Challenge earlier this year, Outcomex has scooped up yet another award, in the Emerging Technologies category at the 2020 ARN Innovation Awards for IoT.


This year’s ARN Innovation Award winners were chosen from over 200 finalists, across 130 organisations.



Award criteria for Emerging Technologies: IoT

Deliver on the promise of the Internet of Things and deploy IoT solutions designed to deliver business outcomes for the customer.


Our winning solution

We designed an IoT solution, named FoodDeck, to help a customer monitor the temperature in its fridges by utilising LoRa technology to communicate from our sensors to a Cisco industrial gateway.


What we delivered

By using our IoT solution for the food industry, FoodDeck, we made it possible for one of the biggest fast food restaurant chain’s in the world to monitor the temperature in its fridges. Our IoT solution utilises LoRa technology to communicate between our IP67 rated temperature sensors and a Cisco industrial gateway deployed by Outcomex. Using LoRa as the communication protocol allows the data to cross the fast food chain’s walk-in fridges’ concrete walls and several floors to reach the gateway, helping overcome any data communication issues caused by low connectivity.

We integrated our FoodDeck platform to the analytics and reporting platform that was already in use, offering the fast food chain a single point of information and a seamless experience. To accommodate its data privacy requirements, all data recorded by our sensors is owned by the fast food chain and processed on its network with FoodDeck, only keeping the necessary data for real-time monitoring and reporting.

Outcomex has used machine learning to predict the different temperatures of the food within the same fridge, depending on its type, placement and door opening. We have set-up alerts based on the fast food chain’s requirements, so its personnel are alerted when the fridges or food recorded temperature is outside of the recommended range. As a result of these alerts, the fast food chain’s employees are able to react promptly and avoid food waste, saving the fast food chain money.


It’s all about the benefits

Additionally, the solution has also reduced time spent on manual temperature checks and has allowed the fast food chain to automate reports required during Food Safety Standards’ audits with a level of precision previously impossible. Moving forward, this solution will be implemented in approximately 1,000 branches of the fast food chain across NSW, with the FoodDeck platform allowing the head office to have visibility on all of them.


What’s next?

Winning the 2020 ARN Innovation Awards in Emerging Technologies for IoT closes a very prolific year for Outcomex. With solid wins under our belt, we look forward to what 2021 has to offer.

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