The network is the most critical component of enterprise architecture. Outcomex has designed, implemented, and integrated key networking assets for some of Australia’s most demanding IT environments.

Outcomex is an industry leader in networking solutions with a wealth of experience across Australia’s most demanding IT environments including convergence, automation, and management:

  • LAN, WLAN, WAN, SD-WAN, MPLS and Private Fibre 
  • Core, DC Core, Campus, Cloud and Edge Services
  • Layer 2 and Layer 3 design and configuration
  • Multi-site data centre architectures, VXLAN, ACI, NSX 
  • Policy based routing, automation, segmentation 
  • Control, management and analytics 
  • Cisco SDA, NAC and SD-WAN

As services transiting the network increase, organisations are constantly working to improve services delivered. Outcomex provides a number of services to assist in leveraging the network, to ensure as much value as possible is extracted from the investments that our customers make.

Our Capabilities: Next Generation EN Services

  • Network virtualisation: We can transform your physical networks into a virtual network accessible without compromising your hardware.
  • Wifi 6 and 6E: The future of wireless networking – Wifi 6 and 6E is here to keep up with the demand of an influx of users and networks with stronger connectivity, more available bandwidth, faster speeds, lower latency and less interference.  
  • Cisco Software-Defined Access (SDA): Transforming enterprise networking by enhancing user experience, SDA provides data-driven insights, boosts productivity and increases security.  
  • Cisco Spaces: A cloud-based location services platform to provide valuable insight and improve operational efficiencies, to help you see how everything is moving throughout physical spaces.
  • Cisco Secure Access Service Edge (SASE): Using a cloud-based network and a security framework, SASE enhances productivity to allow a better employee experience.   
  • Cisco NAC: Network Access Control delivers first-rate security with the ability to detect harmful codes, along with flexibility to be leveraged amongst different uses such as IoT, medical devices or guests and contractors.
  • Cisco Network Automation and Assurance using DNA Centre.