Smarter tech, smarter schools

The integration of IoT within the educational sector improves and heightens the ability of staff to teach and provide insight and knowledge to their students. It also improves the safety of campuses, keeps track of valued resources, and helps to foster an atmosphere conducive to learning. IoT applications in the educational sector can create a seamless teaching environment for not only teachers but all students, even those who are hearing or visually impaired.

CampusOnDeck takes privacy seriously. Keeping student and staff data secure, such as billing records and identifiable information, is critical to ensuring the ongoing success of your organisation. The Outcomex team has extensive security and education industry experiences – read about how we revamped security architecture at the College of Law.

Environment Monitoring and Management

Monitor students’ numbers in areas such as the library, amenities or cafeteria to help make decisions on cleaning schedules for each area and to see if more staff is needed.

To keep attention of students, lighting settings in the classroom can be set on a timer to brighten or dim, warm or cool subtly to help redirect students’ attention.

Use IoT for environment monitoring, such as temperature, noise levels, air quality and light brightness. Through this, you can take preventative measures to create a comfortable atmosphere for learning.

æther: Environment and Smoke Monitoring, & Safety and Security.

æther is designed for environment monitoring in facilities .

æther sense and detects:

  • air quality and atmospheric contaminants
  • room presence/occupancy
  • audible indicators of aggression, distress, damage
  • theft detection – Breaking glass
  • ambient temperature, humidity, pressure

All while remaining secure against physical and digital exploits and defeats.

Sense air quality and atmospheric contaminants

Identify gas signatures for
– Vaping
– THC smoking
– Tobacco smoke
– methane
– and other fumes

Identify and measure harmful airborne particulates and gases:
– CO2
– Silica

Sense room presence and occupancy

AI/ML motion, sound and light detection capabilities to detect people and occupied spaces.
Power monitoring capabilities to monitor electricity consumption and alerts when there is a loss of the main current.

Detect danger before it’s too late.

Sense audible indicators of aggression, distress, damage

Uses AI/ML noise detection technology to detect and differentiate alarming audio such as glass windows breaking, gun shots, screaming, etc and sends alerts to all required personnel  to act promptly

Sense and report ambient temperature, humidity, pressure

Measures and monitors the space’s temperature, Relative Humidity, VOC, NOx, PM1, 2.5, 4, 10, and alerts personnel when readings exceed a certain range.
Device is actively ventilated with a built in fan.

Remain secure against physical and digital exploits and defeats

Anti tamper and defeat integrity against dismounting, disassembling, relocation, obstruction of intel ports.
Back up battery to protect against any disruption of power supply.
Software measure to protect against unauthorized reset or provisioning, signal blocking and destruction of device.

Monitor your energy consumption

Save on energy costs by monitoring room occupancy. Automatically dim or switch off lights and utilise IoT temperature controls to not only make students more comfortable but also lead to overhead cost-savings.

Smart video surveillance

Improve the safety of staff and students with AI-powered surveillance. View a feed in real time or access past recordings at any time through the security and surveillance dashboard.

Keep track your your water usage and quality

Have a consolidated view of the campus’s overall water consumption and keep track of water cost and usage.
Improve the quality of fountain drinking water by gaining visibility into its parameters, like turbidity, PH, total dissolved solids, and salinity.

Waste management

Use-real time bin capacity information to optimise maintenance schedules on campus and avoid emptying bins too soon or too late.

Parking occupancy

Gain visibility on occupancy rates and how parking spaces are being used on campus. Track, manage, and get real-time parking availability on individual car parking spots.

People Counting and Identification

Keep count and monitor the tracking of class attendance.

This can be done through smart sensors place on desks that detect empty desks and record student attendance. Through this, staff are able to see if more educational equipment is needed and help them to understand if they need to drive attendance.

Track those visiting the campus and know their whereabouts, thus enhancing safety and security of all sensors.

Crowd control

Count and keep track of how many people are congregate in certain areas at times such as in playgrounds, corridors or common areas.

Crowd control data provides valuable insights into crowd density, flow patterns, and potential bottlenecks, enabling facilities to optimize crowd movement, make and ensure a comfortable and safe environment. With crowd control monitoring, 365mesh enables real-time monitoring which results to educated data-driven decision making, and proactive measures.

Secure access control

Help manage, regulate and control access to facilities and buildings. Utilising students RFID cards, tags or camera facial recognition capabilities, confidently and securely allow and deny the right people onto the facility, in particularly restricted areas.

Person Down detection/alerting

Uses machine perception and video analytics to detect a single person or people who have fallen or slipped, and triggers instant alerts to authorised personnel so they can take immediate action.

Reports on trip and fall detection

With the use of person-down alerting, campusondeck keeps a record of areas that have repeated trips and fall incidents such as gyms, stairs, uneven floors, giving users an accurate record of accident occurrences (if they are not reported by students and teachers).

Way finder

Navigate around campus with ease. Find classrooms and facility rooms faster in particularly for new students.

Pick up and Drop offs

Pick Up & Drop-off collects data by installing cameras at your pick up areas. Setting up all network and connectivity, data can be gathered from local and remote locations. This data is transformed into valuable insights and provided on the user application. The Pick Up & Drop-off dashboard provides the following summary information:

  • Number of students waiting
  • Number of students waiting over last hour
  • Average student wait time
  • Parking bay capacity at each location, based on the number of vehicles in the queue in real time

In addition to providing information about passengers and vehicle queues, 365mesh combines passenger and vehicle information to provide a holistic view of location use. Pick Up & Drop-off deep dive pages provide live and historical data including:

  • Vehicle stay time
  • Overstays
  • Instances of double parking
  • Instances of full parking bays

365mesh makes the most of collected data, using intelligent camera recognition to understand what is happening at your locations. The Pick Up & Drop-off capability also identifies the types of vehicles using parking bays, to provide additional insights. Use this information to make smarter decisions and enforce pick up and drop-off regulations.

Object and asset tracking and identification

AI capabilities accurately identify and differentiate between people demographics, vehicles types, assets, and provide real time location information.

Site safety/staff security

Monitor your premises for safety hazards and incidents that have occurred on premises.