Keep your rescue heroes connected

According to a recent report published by Allied Market Research, the global IoT market for public safety and emergency response is projected to reach $29 billion by 2027. Boosted by the need for effective response systems, real-time data to inform rapid decision-making and reliable connectivity at all times, we developed an end-to-end solution that enhances operational efficiency, situational awareness, and overall effectiveness.

Our solution

Utilising dedicated emergency response vehicles such as fire trucks and tankers, command vehicles, ambulances, and air and marine vessels, our solution uses these assets as mobile nodes with a combination of multiple connectivity (mobile broadband (4G/5G), LEO satellite and Mesh connectivity) to create a seamless and reliable network for real time communication, tracking and data collection amongst first responders.

Utilised by all first responder teams

Deliver Internet connectivity to devices in vehicles

Using vehicles as nodes, maintain mobile connectivity on multiple moving vehicles such as fire trucks, ambulances and rescue vehicles, especially during critical rescue times in low connected areas, where vehicle location tracking and communication between first responders is crucial. 

Access critical information in a timely manner

Access data such as area of fire spreads, barometric readings, flood water levels and locations of rescue team members and assets in real time while in the field. 

Real time communication

Communicate and share crucial information effortlessly among field teams who require situational awareness of environmental conditions. Stay up to date, even across wide areas, and keep everyone updated on situations like fires, floods, tricky landscapes, and weather changes.

Collect data to be used for scenario visualisation

Visualise asset location and telemetry data in real time. Incorporate high-resolution satellite and drone imagery to provide advanced situational awareness. 365mesh provides up-to-date satellite imagery that enables firefighters and rescue services to visualise a fire’s progression on a map, alongside other vital information like water sources, infrastructure, and evacuation routes. 

Gain real time connectivity visibility safely while on the move

Be informed in real time about connectivity availability, strength and accessibility while in the vehicle (on screens). 365mesh’s dashboard requires low touch user interaction with a simple user interface, ensuring that vehicle drivers can safely comprehend the information on screen while driving without the need to touch the screen. 

Receive real time alerts

Get timely alerts and notifications through proactive monitoring of incident-prone environments (bushland, dams, and rivers) and respond swiftly to emerging issues before they escalate into critical situations such as bushfires and flash floods.

All in One platform

Control your operations and manage your data on one centralized view, making it easier to configure, update, and troubleshoot. The 365mesh platform can be used as a control and visualization platform for both vehicle node operators and command center personnel. The platform can be accessed through any web browser-enabled device and provides a platform for many other 365mesh use cases. 

Interoperable, flexible and scalable

Embrace the future of emergency response with our adaptable solution. As the technology continues to evolve, and new advancements emerge, our solution remains flexible, ready to be installed in a wide range of dedicated emergency response vehicles that are currently being used and/or may be introduced in the future.

Improve disaster preparedness and response through our IoT-enabled monitoring,

prediction and early warning solutions

Bushfire smoke detection

Receive early warning alerts when bushfire smoke is detected

Digital fire warning signage

Help keep communities safe with digital fire warning signage

Temperature monitoring

Receive live updates on the current temperature and relative humidity

Rainfall monitoring

Monitor how much rainfall has fallen and access historical rainfall data

Water management

Monitor water levels in real-time, including water drop tanks and water tenders

Weather station

Monitor real-time weather conditions, receive AI/ML based forecast predictions and access historical data

Air quality monitoring

Keep your team safe by receiving alerts when toxic chemicals or other gases are detected

Flood monitoring

Manage water bodies and receive alerts and notifications if there’s a flood risk

Infrastructure maintenance

Proactively monitor infrastructure’s health, safety and maintenance

Vehicle and fleet tracking

Track your fleets in real-time for improved emergency navigation and instructions

Vehicle rollover alerts

Receive alerts if a vehicle overturns or goes down on its side

Vehicle health monitoring

Proactively monitor vehicle health and usage to prevent breakdowns

Object identification

Identify, recognise and classify objects, people and animals with accuracy

Disaster timelapse

Receive disaster timelapse vision from cameras and via satellite imagery


Monitor temperature in fire prone environments and prioritise emergency responses accordingly

Smart body cameras

Have video documentation and improve your environment and situational awareness as well as training purposes

Land and aerial surveillance

Enhance your surveillance coverage with land and aerial imagery

Safety gear detection

Receive alerts if safety gear is not being used and mitigate potential risks

Wearable tracking devices

Track everyone in your team for enhanced safety and coordination

Advanced AI radar technology

Ensure precise detection and an efficient response on search and rescue situations