Unrepairable reputational damage can leave you feeling short changed.

Are you keeping an eye on the strength of your security infrastructure? Because someone else is, especially if your business is high-earning and profitable. Don’t let a stolen look compromise your business’ and your customers’ data. Fast-changing technologies and cyber criminals who continue to evolve in the sophistication of their attacks means that what kept your business secure yesterday, may not necessarily keep it secure today. That’s where we come in.

You may have 99 problems, but a breach ain’t one of them

Constantly looking for vulnerabilities in you business’ network, searching for, and addressing new security flaws to adequately protect against the threat of cyberattacks, will decrease the risk of experiencing an attack.

Our team of security experts, who use a combination of skill, stealth and automation, will help strengthen your security posture by through an integrated three-step process. This involves simulating an attack on an organisation’s networks and applications, exposing vulnerabilities and pinpointing areas of weakness, and providing analysis on ways to reduces these risks and strengthen your networks and infrastructure, ensuring environments are protected against the latest threat profiles.

Basically, we think like a cyber attacker would, implement our attack on your infrastructure and then fix any gaps or ‘issues’ that arise to greatly reduce the risk of your business experiencing a real attack.

What we do

Network Penetration Testing (Internal and External)

Web Application
Penetration Testing

Outcomex IoT

IoT & Internet-aware
Device Testing

Outcomex team


Out-of-the-box testing methods

Similar to real-life conditions, we work with zero or limited knowledge of your business’s network and security policies, network structure, software and network protection used.

With some information of your business’s network, like user login details, architecture diagrams or the network’s overview, we examine the vulnerability of your systems and networks.

With full knowledge of your security network, and by using admin rights and server configuration files, database encryption principles, source code or architecture documentation, we highlight areas of weakness.

A 3-step approach to improving network & system security


  • Defining the intruder model (internal or external, enabled rights and privileges).
  • Defining goals, source data, scope of work and testing targets.
  • Determining the scope of a target environment.
  • Developing the testing methodology.
  • Defining interaction and communication procedures.


  • Fieldwork, service identification.
  • Custom scanning or intrusion tools are developed if needed.
  • Vulnerabilities detection and scanning, elimination of false positives.
  • Vulnerabilities exploit and gaining an unauthorized access.
  • Utilisation of compromised systems as a springboard for further intrusion.

Vulnerability Assessment

  • Result analysis and reporting with recommendations for reducing risks.
  • Visual demonstration of the damage that can be inflicted to the system by an intruder.


  • After identifying vulnerabilities, systems are targeted to exploit these vulnerabilities.
  • Simulated real-world attacks are implemented.


  • A report is generated documenting the penetration testing findings.
  • The report will contain our recommendations and corrective actions to fix the vulnerabilities and strengthen your security posture.

Actively monitor your organisation’s entire IT infrastructure, 24/7

Did you know that our Security Operations Centre (SOC) team can help you proactively manage and monitor all, or a part, of your organisation’s security environment, 24×7, 365 days? Let us help you maximise your organisation’s operational efficiency and improve security visibility.

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