Our dedicated team of cyber security practitioners focus on excellence in governing, deploying, managing, and monitoring security portfolios, ensuring environments are alert to the latest threat profiles.

In today’s digitally connected world, staying ahead of cyber security threats is a near impossible mission. But it cannot be avoided. The sophistication of these threats presents a distinct risk to any business, however it is difficult to navigate solutions on the market.

Our approach to cyber security streamlines our customers’ environments by carefully curating vendor solutions. We ensure they work together and fit into your security estate. This reduces time to respond to cyber security incidents by increasing toolset efficiency, reducing running costs and helping you free resources for prevention, rather than a reactive approach.

There is no ‘shopping list’ for cyber security, but security frameworks provide detailed insights on what an organisation needs to be secure. We use well-recognised frameworks, for example Essential 8, ISO 27001 and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), and prioritise controls based on your risk appetite and the state of your environment. As a result, we can develop a tailored roadmap for execution and continuous improvement that covers technology, process and people. We offer:

  • Assessments, penetration testing, and vulnerability management
  • Governance, risk and compliance, and framework implementation
  • Project implementation and consulting services
  • On-going monitoring and event management

Australia-based Security Operations Centre (SOC)

Our Australia-based SOC operates in alignment with your framework, so we deliver in close partnership with your business. In addition, our services are based on a holistic combination of vendor technologies, security processes and certified engineers across Outcomex.  For example:

  • Monitoring, triage and threat hunting
  • Threat Intelligence – including Open-source Intelligence (OSINT) curated by our specialist team
  • Continuous vulnerability management
  • Incident response based on a shared responsibility model and customer toolset
  • Forensic services by an in-house team of our forensic experts
  • Ongoing reporting, learning and optimisation services
  • Administration of security estate

Outcomex offers award-winning expertise with leading cyber security toolsets

Outcomex is a recurring winner of Cisco’s ‘ANZ Security Partner of the Year’ award, with titles in 2016, 2019, and 2020. We are proud to be the first Cisco partner in APJC to have achieved the highest level of specialisation in security – the Master Security Specialization.

Outcomex works with multiple partners so we can ensure your cyber security. To learn more about our key partnerships, please visit our partner network.