Connect with customer traffic data using FoodDeck People Counting.

Customer expectations in hospitality are changing

Customer traffic is at the forefront of restaurant success. With takeaway and online ordering becoming a new normal for restaurants worldwide, the way hospitality spaces are used is changing. Cash register data does not provide a holistic view of who enters your space and how they engage with your restaurant facilities. It is important for restaurant owners and managers to understand how to best use limited space to support modern patron experiences.

FoodDeck uses IoT to monitor how patrons use restaurant spaces. People Counting capabilities monitor the number of patrons that enter your premises, as well as specific zones in your restaurant. Start counting foot traffic in a variety of locations:


  • Restaurant seating areas – indoor and outdoor
  • Bathroom facilities
  • Take-away food waiting areas
  • Employee-only areas

Make decisions based on real customer data

FoodDeck People Counting uses footage captured by surveillance cameras located on your premises to identify the number of people passing through different areas of your restaurant. FoodDeck’s analytics capabilities transform this data into valuable insights, available in the user application. This information includes the number of people using each of your spaces over the last hour and last week. FoodDeck also collects historical data, for a convenient graph view comparing foot traffic in your locations over periods of time.

Use this information to answer questions about how to best use restaurant space. Make decisions about how often to clean eating areas and bathroom facilities. Optimise your use of indoor and outdoor spaces. Understand how to adapt your space to accommodate increased demand for takeaway and food delivery services. By continually collecting information with FoodDeck People Counting, it is easier than ever to understand how your space is used.