Access real-time security footage and historical records using the FoodDeck application.

Drive patron and employee safety and satisfaction

Businesses prioritise the safety of patrons and employees. It commonplace to find security cameras in hospitality and food preparation spaces to monitor how people use facilities, and understand when and where there is any risk of harm. With minimal disruption to patron and employee experience, a surveillance capability can improve safety and reduce risk.

FoodDeck Video Surveillance uses the Internet of Things to connect cameras installed on your premises to the FoodDeck application. Even in outdoor or event spaces, FoodDeck can establish network and connectivity so you can access surveillance camera footage. This footage is useful in a variety of scenarios:

  • Monitoring incidents that have occurred on premises
  • Assessing in-restaurant patron experiences to improve customer service capabilities
  • Identify any instances of prohibited facilities being accessed
  • Monitor your premises for safety hazards

Making traditional security cameras smarter

FoodDeck’s Video Surveillance capability takes traditional camera capabilities and uses our analytics engine to create meaningful information. Across the FoodDeck application, features such as People Counting rely on camera footage to provide insights into how your spaces are used.

The FoodDeck application provides information about cameras, such as location and device specifications, and displays live-stream footage of all monitored locations in the Video Surveillance dashboard. Monitor spaces in real-time, or access past recordings – all location footage collected using FoodDeck belongs to you.

Multiple use cases with Video Surveillance

  • Intelligent Cloud based Video Surveillance  solution for security footage storage and viewing – removes the need for a physical drive at each remote branch
  • Capable of advanced Smart Video Analytics –  for example, detect if someone slips and falls and lays restless for x minutes then sends alert notification out (behavioural recognition); including additional features, like Facial Recognition, Motion Detection, Behavioural Analytics, etc.
  • Our surveillance capabilities can work on customers existing cameras (no need to replace cameras)
  • Single Dashboard with floor MAP that shows all the camera locations with 1 click access to live video feed
  • ONVIF compliant – remotely control the cameras zoom, focus, etc.
  • Motion and Behavioural Detection