Harness the Internet of Things to transform your transport network. In the transportation industry, IoT solutions are becoming essential to monitoring asset utilisation, safety, and human actions. The increasing technology maturity provides a wealth of use cases about how IoT adoption can transform transportation networks.

What is TransportDeck?

TransportDeck is an Australian owned and operated Internet of Things (IoT) solution, founded by award-winning systems integrator OutcomexOur solution provides real-time visibility into your transportation network, such as: 

  • Monitoring points of interest, including vehicle and pedestrian flows 
  • Managing how your assets, such as parking bays, are used in your transportation network 
  • Monitor the behaviour of different types of vehicles, including taxis, cars, trucks, and bikes 
  • Provide alerts triggered by activity in your transportation network 

TransportDeck is a complete IoT solution. Where some technology and services providers only offer one component, TransportDeck provides end-to-end capabilities. This includes sensors and devices, network and connectivity, data processing, and the TransportDeck application.