Collect data and understand how passengers and vehicles are using taxi ranks, and monitor these locations for correct use.

Create reliable, safe, and profitable taxi ranks

Taxi ranks are an important asset for a variety of road users in cities and towns worldwide. These facilities are purpose-built to benefit transport network stakeholders. Taxis need reliable locations to collect passengers so they can be productive and profitable. Passengers are looking for reliable access to transportation, with predictable wait times and a safe travelling experience. Other road users also take an interest in taxi ranks, and rely on their proper use do they can drive safely and in accordance with road rules.

How can you make sure that all of this takes place? The Internet of Things makes it possible to monitor taxi ranks remotely at any time of day. Using TransportDeck Taxi Management, you can achieve a comprehensive view of all taxi ranks to improve your visibility over how locations are used.

Taxi Management – available in the TransportDeck app

TransportDeck Taxi Management places cameras at taxi rank locations, to monitor the behaviour of passengers and multiple types of vehicles. TransportDeck organises connectivity and data analytics to transform captured footage into meaningful insights in the TransportDeck application. This provides the following information in the palm of your hand:

  • Passenger metrics – including taxi rank patronage, average wait times, and instances where a passenger is waiting but there is no taxi available
  • Taxi metrics – including the number of taxis passing through a taxi rank and how long they wait for a fare
  • Live-stream footage and screenshot images of the taxi rank, so you can investigate spikes or unusual events directly from the TransportDeck application

In addition, TransportDeck Taxi Management’s looks at camera footage to provide further meaningful information. For example, the Taxi Management capability can identify different types of vehicles using taxi ranks, including standard taxis, Wheelchair Accessible Taxis (WATs), night taxis, and non-taxi vehicles. Let TransportDeck help you manage taxis, passengers and road users so that everyone has a safe and reliable journey.