In the business of health and wellbeing, it needs to be easy for providers to take care of their patients and employees. This means prioritising safety, both physical and digital, and keeping track of the constantly changing clinic environment. Internet of Things (IoT) technology can assist day-to-day monitoring and maintenance of facilities, and collect important data for the future.

What is HealthDeck?

HealthDeck is an end-to-end Internet of Things solution, purpose-built for the Australian Health industry. With sensors and devices, network and connectivity, data processing, and a user application, HealthDeck is easy to adopt in your clinic. With 30 years of experience, our engineers can connect your clinic or site to the Internet of Things, even in remote locations. Read about our experience with health providers including the Western Sydney Local Health District and Medline.

HealthDeck helps you to make decisions based on real-time information, as well as historical data. For example, if medicines and sensitive substances need to be kept in controlled environmental conditions, IoT and alert you and keep a log in the case of any breaches. Your IoT data can help your clinic adhere to National Safety and Quality Health Service (NSQHS) Standards.

All of our analytics takes place in Australia, so confidential information does not leave the country at any stage. Data collected with HealthDeck sensors belongs to our clients. This helps protect identifiable, confidential patient and employee information.

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People Counting

Get to know how and when your facilities are accessed and create comfortable and safe experiences.

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Energy Consumption

The power lies with you . Understand how your facilities and appliances drive energy consumption at your clinic.

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Environment Monitoring

More than just the temperature. Collect data about noise, humidity, and harmful chemicals.

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Cold Rooms & Freezers

Keep food, medicines, and samples up to standard, to keep your patients safe.

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Video Surveillance

Monitor the safety and security of your clinic or office, even when you’re off-site.