Driving innovation by giving Australian businesses access to information and control like never before

By combining the power of connectivity with the insight that come from the analysis of real-time smart data, Internet of Things (IoT) promises amazing opportunities for innovation.

IoT enables you to gain insight and automate parts of your operations, having a real impact on:

Reducing costs

Reducing Cost

Improving customer experience

Improving Customer Experience

Increasing efficiency

Increasing Efficiency



Here is how outcomex can help your Business gain a competitive advantage through Lot.

Centralised IoT Platform, Customised IoT Solution, and Secured Data

Smart data gathered from IoT provides you better business intelligence, empowering you to make proactive decisions and to improve operational efficiency

Potential business benefits

  • Gain control and visibility over all your connected devices through an online dashboard allowing you to manage remote sensors, connected equipment, and data feeds.
  • Track and count everything, greatly reduce waste, loss and cost
  • Know when things are at their best or when they have been impacted by external factors
  • Monitor critical events or alarms to be able to act decisively
  • Collect, send and even act autonomously on data the embedded sensors acquire from their surrounding environments or one another.


  • Flexible and scalable solutions
  • Customised platform to meet your business requirements
  • Tailored rules options so your actionable data and insights can be relevant to your business.
  • Manage all your devices, sensors and equipment from one place for any architecture or configuration
  • Cloud dashboard lets you display your key metrics, drill down to the details and get near real-time alarms on the web or mobile
  • Easy integration with your own or third party CRM, ERP and other IT applications
  • Secure solution

How IoT is impacting key industries

  • Agriculture & Farming
  • Health
  • Smart Cities
  • Transport
  • Mining
  • Education

Agriculture & Farming

IoT helps you solve some of agriculture & farming main challenges by capitalising on:
  • Livestock tracking and identification
  • Livestock health and pregnancy tracking
  • Water reservoir level and quality
  • Pasture level monitoring
  • Paddock management
  • Environmental factors monitoring (Rainfall, Soil, etc)
  • Surveillance Camera
  • Wireless Access
  • Asset tracking
  • Power equipment with solar energy in remote areas
Outcomex IoT Agriculture


IoT can help health organisations better service their patients, using:
  • Location tracking of patients and medical equipment (including in transit)
  • Usage of geo-tracking for urgent medical assistance
  • Journey Management
  • Wearable device collects data that is converted using steps and activity, into calories and sleep quality
Outcomex IoT Health

Smart Cities

Enhance your residents’ quality of life and the interest in your city by investing in:
  • Smart bin for waste management
  • Smart parking
  • Asset tracking
  • Motion tracking and crowd control
  • Outdoor Wireless Access
  • Environmental factors monitoring (air quality, water metering and soil moisture sensing)
  • Surveillance Camera
  • Smart lighting
Outcomex IoT Smart City


Improve daily route efficiency and ensure the maximum output is achieved each day by exploiting:
  • Fleet tracking
  • Journey Management
  • Remote Duress Tracking
  • Fuel economy report
  • keep track of each driver’s individual productivity and on-road safety.
  • Trip analysis
Outcomex IoT Transport


Empower your employees to work smarter, simpler and more efficiently by utilising
  • Environmental indicators monitoring (noise, air and water quality, temperature, humidity, light)
  • Asset tracking
  • Motion tracking (after-hours unauthorised movements)
  • Wireless access in remote and hard to reach areas
Outcomex IoT Mining


Enhance student learning and overall campus management by becoming a ‘Smart Campus’
  • Motion tracking and crowd control on campus
  • Smart boards
  • Smart meters to manage water, electric, oil, and gas utilities, making energy consumption more efficient
  • Automated delivery of individualised messages curated to students on campus, providing updates or warnings, such as classroom changes or pop-up construction areas.
  • Asset tracking
  • Surveillance camera with analytics
Outcomex IoT Education

Working with Outcomex means working with an experienced IoT partner that will work with you post launch, helping to ensure you get the solution life cycle support needed.