Outcomex is officially launching 365mesh, a new multi-tenant Internet of Things (IoT) platform scalable globally. The 365mesh platform provides IoT solutions to Outcomex customers, as well as white label IoT solutions for industry partners. This announcement marks the official debut of the 365mesh platform brand after over 5 years of developing IoT solutions for the Australian market.

The Outcomex team identified a challenge facing Australian and global companies who are looking to adopt IoT technology. After an initial project, companies usually realise that there are multiple building blocks to a mature IoT solution. Most vendors only provide one or two parts of this solution – such as standalone sensors, or an app with some data processing capabilities. Outcomex IoT solutions, including the 365mesh platform, offer truly end-to-end IoT capabilities. 365mesh is the underlying platform that supports all Outcomex IoT deployments, as well as industry solutions. According to Marco Delgado, founder and CEO of Outcomex:

“365mesh is a secure, fully inclusive, intelligent IoT platform that solves some of the world’s greatest problems at scale.”

Marco Delgado, founder and CEO of Outcomex

What is 365mesh?

The 365mesh platform functions with systems separation between Outcomex and other white-label, multi-tenanted partner and customer solutions. Outcomex is treated as a customer, with strict levels of security and processes between the two environments.

All data collected is owned by clients, and that data never leaves Australian shores while undergoing analysis using the 365mesh AI-powered analytics engine. This information is made available with real time as well as historical views for use by clients.

Outcomex IoT

“365mesh is a protocol-independent platform, meaning any data source can be ingested into our AI / ML analytics engine… it constantly “learns” by the data collected and it becomes more accurate over time.”

Luca Palermo, IoT Technical Lead for Outcomex

Outcomex suite of IoT capabilities

The 365mesh brand enters the market with a wealth of customer experience, specifically in the agriculture, smart cities, and transportation spaces. Outcomex is an award-winning provider of end-to-end Internet of Things solutions.

We are the proud recipients of the 2021 ANZ Cisco Partner Innovation Challenge for TransportDeck, our IoT solution which provides the Transport and Mobility Sector the ability to monitor, count and gather information around public transport areas such as pick-up drop off (PUDO) bays, taxi and bus ranks, and pedestrian traffic areas. We also placed first at the ANZ and Global Cisco 2020 Partner Innovation Challenge, recognising innovation around our Farmdeck solution, helping the agriculture industry work smarter and more efficiently. Outcomex was also named 2020 ARN Innovation Award winner for Emerging Technologies: IoT for our FoodDeck IoT solution, designed to assist the food services industry with compliance.