5 keys to an effective hybrid cloud security strategy

According to Cisco’s 2022 Global Hybrid Cloud Trends Report, hybrid cloud is quickly becoming the de facto operating model for IT organisations. Of the 2,500 global IT leaders surveyed, 82% have adopted a hybrid cloud approach.  

If hybrid cloud migration is the new normal, how secure is your data?  

For IT leaders and teams embarking on the hybrid cloud journey, the right strategies and tools will ensure you can reap the benefits of the hybrid model without risking your data security.

Why do we need specific security strategies for hybrid cloud?

Alongside superior agility and scalability, increased security is one of the main reasons hybrid cloud has become so popular. As each cloud provider has its own security measures in place, spreading your data across several different environments can give you options. If cyber threats overwhelm one cloud platform, you can continue to operate in the other environments.  

Paradoxically, using a hybrid cloud approach can also create security concerns for IT leaders due to the ever evolving realm of cyber threats and the need to adapt technology to deflect them. With so many organisations choosing a hybrid cloud approach, it’s important to mitigate these risks through robust security strategies.

The threat is coming from inside: The key security risks for hybrid cloud

  • The of the main security risks in a hybrid cloud approach is your users. From basic human error, to the use of unsecured devices or connections, or employees being tricked by phishing scams and social engineering – security is a very real threat for organisations that have boarded the hybrid cloud train.  
  • If you have several hybrid clouds, it’s difficult to extend your security policies into the cloud. 
  • Other security risks depend on the type of cloud. For example, public clouds can put sensitive data at risk depending on their storage and access.

5 things to include in your cloud security strategy

Protecting your data, apps and users in hybrid cloud is possible – and a strong hybrid cloud security strategy is your first defence. Here are five elements to consider when devising your organisation’s hybrid cloud security strategy. 

#1 Call for backup. Develop a back up plan in case of an emergency – think disaster recovery and business continuity. Data is particularly vulnerable during a cloud migration due to cyber threats and the possibility of misconfiguration. A strong hybrid cloud migration strategy can help.  

#2 Protect the middle man. Your data is particularly vulnerable as it passes between public and private clouds. Protect the ‘middle man’ by enabling encryption to prevent unauthorised access to the data as it travels between cloud environments.  

#3 Segment and isolate. Implement one of security’s most fundamental controls, micro-segmentation and isolation, by using different clouds for different use cases. This ensures your critical systems can only be accessed by your critical users.  

#4 Assume Zero Trust. Question the trustworthiness of all people, applications and devices before granting them access to your data. The Zero Trust model protects your apps and users in hybrid cloud environments by continuously verifying trustworthiness via Identity and Access Management (IAM) measures. 

#5 Take a standard approach. Ensure your processes are standardised across your public cloud, private cloud and on-premise environments.

Outcomex Solution Architect, Cameron Harding, says security remains one of the top concerns which block adoption of public and hybrid cloud.

“With the right approach, data can be stored in public cloud with the same level of protection as you would expect from your on-premises environment,” he explains.

“Outcomex can implement solutions across hybrid cloud, providing consistent capabilities regardless of the platform.”

Cisco’s cloud security toolkit 

Cisco Cloud Security is made up of a portfolio of technology solutions that protect your users, data and apps while using hybrid cloud including Umbrella, Secure Endpoint, Duo, Stealthwatch and Secure Workload

Unlike traditional perimeter solutions, Cisco Cloud Security blocks threats over all ports and protocols for comprehensive coverage.  

Cisco Cloud Security also uses API-based integrations, and it is backed by industry-leading threat information delivered by the Cisco Talos security intelligence and research group.

Strategy-first security with Outcomex

As an award-winning systems integrator and Cisco Gold Partner, Outcomex is an industry leader in hybrid cloud security. If your organisation is developing a hybrid cloud security strategy, or looking to implement a robust cloud security solution, our experts can help.  

Secure your hybrid cloud with the experts.