Borders may be closed,
but our team’s services to you won’t be!


Given the global situation regarding COVID-19, it is important that as a customer of Outcomex, we keep you informed as to what measures our organisation is undertaking to ensure minimal impact operationally.


As of today, Outcomex has:

  • Communicated measures to ensure the continued safety of our staff.
  • Prepared to enact our BCP plan, providing:
    • Remote working capabilities
    • Access to core and peripheral systems for staff enablement
    • Processes for travel, infection, hygiene and reporting
  • Briefed all our staff nation-wide and worked through operational and commercial concerns where raised.


The most important thing to our team is the assurance of ‘Business as Usual’

This means that:

  • Our 24 x 7 Managed Services team continue to provide excellent operational and run services through the course of this pandemic
  • Our Project Engineering teams continue to architect, implement and migrate customer facing systems and solutions (remotely if required)
  • Our Pre-Sales and Account Management team, where required, shifts focus from onsite and on premises meeting to virtual meetings via Cisco WebEx.


Work remotely with the help of Outcomex and Cisco

COVID-19 is requiring more people to work from home. To aid with the new unprecedented demand on IT and technological facilities, Cisco has generously decided to expand several of their offerings for free to help companies and their employees stay connected while working remotely.

To collaborate, Cisco Webex Team and Meetings as well as Cisco and Vbrick for live streaming are available. While Cisco Umbrella, Duo Security and Cisco AnyConnect can help you stay secured while working remotely.

To find out more about these offers, contact your Outcomex account manager or reach out to our team at so we can begin to support you and your team during your transition to a ‘work from home’ model


We would also like to assure our customers that our teams will comply with your changing requirements as organisations take various precautions on the prevention of the spread of COVID-19.  We are mindful that our team is an extension of your own and encourage active dialogue between us all to ensure we meet your needs.


Should you have any concerns or comments, please do not hesitate to communicate with your Account Executive, Service Delivery Manager or our sales team at