Outcomex has successfully been delivering wireless solutions around Asia Pacific since 2006.

Through the last ten years of experience, we have built and refined the way that we approach deployment of these services, and can therefore guarantee that the delivery matches the expectation of the business.

Enterprise wireless LAN deployments are increasing at an exponential rate, as the technology improves to a point where wireless networking can deliver access services on par with traditional wired ports, at a much reduced cost and a huge improvement in agility.

Providing users with solid, fast and safe wireless access is now a fundamental function of technology services delivery. Not only does this apply to enterprise devices, but to contractor and guest services – any device, any user, any time.

We enable the following capabilities:

  • Internal, external, and converged wireless LAN delivery
  • ‘Wireless first’ initiatives for Greenfield builds
  • Public WiFi consultancy and delivery
  • BYOD and secure services delivery, authentication and management
  • Surveying, optimisation and remediation
  • Manufacturing, warehouse, sensitive areas enablement
  • Health care and education environment provision
  • High density, high throughput and latency sensitive deployments
  • Analytics, data collation and API based application integrations
  • Consolidated control and management

Outcomex has a large and diverse portfolio of satisfied customers where business initiatives have been met by deployment of wireless services. There are a myriad of capabilities within the technology and applying lateral thought to architecture versus outcomes can provide amazing results.