Outcomex implemented a Cisco LAN and WAN with a Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) solution for network access control for the wireless network, with the goal to increase the potential of the customer service department and enhance overall client experience. During the fit out of the office in Oran Park, Camden Council identified the need to modernise their network and wireless environment in a cost-effective manner. Outcomex was able to assist Camden Council in delivering safe and secure applications and services, whilst leveraging ISE to gain visibility into every user and device accessing their network.


Camden Council is an organisation dedicated to creating a sense of community, healthy environment and economic prosperity for its citizens. Camden is an area steeped in heritage, adventure and natural charm. Located just 60km south west of Sydney, Camden boasts a rural feel of yesterday, with all the luxuries and conveniences of today, offering locals and visitors the best of both worlds. Camden Council aims to enhance the lives and well-being of its residents and offers exceptional services and programs to the community. From waste disposal to property Development Applications, community events to grants and initiatives, Camden Council strives to assist its community in a professional and positive way.


Camden Council identified the need to upgrade their existing network during the fit out of their offices in Oran Park. The aim was to improve customers’ service experiences and improve workplace agility whilst reducing operational IT administration. The Council needed to upgrade its existing network architecture and introduce a secure wireless network for corporate and guest access services. This enhancement is not only cost-effective but it would also greatly improve the capabilities of the customer service department, by providing significantly upgraded access to applications and services. Additionally, the implementation of up-to-date network and wireless environment would provide a better overall client experience and significant improvements in the ability of council staff to manage client enquiries. Key consideration was also applied to providing a safe and secure method of accessing internet services for all staff and constituents.


Camden Council partnered with Outcomex to implement a Cisco LAN and WLAN with the Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) solution for the wireless network access control in order to connect approved users to the network. ISE allowed the council to gain visibility into every user and device accessing its network and grant permissions based on the role and requirement Outcomex’ role was significant, assisting the council in achieving maximum efficiency with minimum time and money spent on implementation.

Technologies used

  • Cisco Enterprise Network Switching
  • Cisco Security – Next Generation ASA Firewalls
  • Cisco Security – Identity Services Engine
  • Cisco Mobility – Wireless Controllers and Access Points 


Camden Council has been able to implement intelligent customer contact across this new network, moving away from its previous paper-based process. As a result of this solution, Camden Council improved efficiency, secure processes for staff and opened up innovative methods of customer contact options for customers and ratepayers. The Council can also allow its customers unfettered but safe and secure access to internet based services within the new Oran Park chambers.