Outcomex has implemented a Cisco based LAN and WAN solution for CDC Westbus, one of NSW largest independent transport providers, across its head office and all of its branch sites, allowing faster and more resilient access for staff. Employees who were previously limited to working at their desks can now work with increased mobility after the deployment of an advanced wireless network. A re-architected network has allowed CDC Westbus to improve operational abilities and modernise the office space for CDC’s employees.


ComfortDelGro Cabcharge (CDC) is a major Australian private bus operator retaining over 2,500 employees and a fleet of 1,500 vehicles across NSW and Victoria. CDC operates services under different brands within NSW via Hillsbus, Hunter Valley Buses, and Blue Mountains Transit. The company also operates in the Queanbeyan region in NSW, under the Qcity Transit and Transborder Express brands and in Melbourne as CDC Victoria.


CDC Westbus needed to upgrade its existing network architecture and move critical services to a secure, centralised Data Centre that could be accessed by all the branches. Employees were also limited to working at their desks as wireless was not available. In order to increase reliability of services and improve public transport bus commuter services, network architecture across CDC’s head office and seventeen branch sites had to be modernised.


CDC Westbus partnered with Outcomex to implement a Cisco based LAN and WAN solution across all of its branch sites allowing seamless access for application and service delivery. Wireless LAN services were also introduced, increasing mobility for corporate services and allowing safe, secure and guest access to internet resources. As a result, CDC was able to improve efficiency, planning and scheduling of bus routes.

  • Cisco Enterprise Switching
  • Cisco Security – Next Generation Firewalls
  • Cisco Mobility – Wireless LAN Controllers and Access Points
  • Cisco Prime Infrastructure – Management of Switching and Wireless services


This cost-effective solution has allowed CDC Westbus to improve critical application access which facilitates the daily management of bus services. Additionally, the implementation of wireless capability has completely modernised the office space for CDC’s employees, with the mobility allowing them to work away from their desks and collaborate more effectively. A modern network will help ensure that CDC Westbus staff experience significant improvements in their management of bus routes and timetable services and allows future growth plans and initiatives to come to fruition.