Outcomex is proud of its family-like atmosphere, prioritising collaboration and communication as its pillars of success.


As the company continues to grow and expand, how do we sustain and develop our culture across new employees?

Recruiting the right people

We have learnt that our people are key to maintaining a positive and collaborative culture. This has been one of the most important things we have kept in mind when recruiting. We have found that the most effective way to hire people with similar values has been to follow our employees’ recommendations. Amongst those values, we prioritise positivity, approachability, and a hard working attitude, making it easy to promote a culture of collaboration – as we all hold similar work ethic.


Celebrating the Small Wins

Perhaps our greatest victory to date is our celebration of both small and big wins; whether it is sales signing on a new project or engineers receiving positive feedback from a customer. Everything is shared with the team via email and usually followed by a stream of encouragement from colleagues.


Pulling down communication barriers

In the past six months, we have opened two new offices (Sydney and Melbourne) and for both, our number one criteria when scouting location was an open space floor plan. Even with 50+ employees working from the Sydney office and the fluctuating levels of volume (we like to play music and Sales are self-admittedly pretty loud and on the phone 23h/day!), all management levels sit in the same space. This means help is always available and easily accessible from our colleagues, our manager or other departments.


Increasing the frequency of Team Bonding Activities

Once the team doubled in size, finding a way to bond with every employee became more of a challenge. We fixed that issue by increasing the number of social activities we organised for our employees. We implemented monthly team barbecues and Friday drinks, and encouraged the participation of our employees in fundraising sporting events by sponsoring them. This is an initiative to ensure there is still an outlet for informal communication. We have consistently seen that bonding outside of work strengthens relationships inside the workplace.


Keeping Our People Informed

We make sure everyone is informed about important updates. Every 3 months, all our employees across both offices attend our Quarterly Meeting with the goal of celebrating our team’s achievements, and to discuss business strategy and the next key steps for Outcomex.


These are a few simple ways we have ensured our atmosphere is as collaborative as ever!

We have managed to maintain and develop our company culture and keep the family-feel that initially attracted all of us to Outcomex.


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