Outcomex’s Alliances and Marketing Manager:
Winner of the 2019 ARN 30 Under 30 Tech Award

Outcomex would like to congratulate our Alliances and Marketing Manager, Sharlie Raymond
on winning the 30 under 30 Tech Award  at the 2019 ARN Emerging Leaders forum.


The ARN Emerging Leaders Forum is an event that identifies, educates and showcases the upcoming talent of the Australian ICT industry. As part of the event, the 30 Under 30 Tech Awards recognises the outstanding achievements and business excellence of 30 talented individuals, across both young leaders and those just starting out. Sharlie has received this award in the Marketing category for the amazing work she has accomplished at Outcomex.

About Sharlie Raymond

Sharlie’s career trajectory has advanced at an immense speed, a mark of the consistent successes she has had working at Outcomex. Within her first year of employment, she was promoted from Project Manager to Alliances and Marketing Manager. Her first mandate was to created the Outcomex marketing department, which she now manages nationally, with employees in NSW and Victoria.
In 2016, Sharlie led the entire rebranding of the company from Uplinx Group to Outcomex and had a significant impact on increasing the company’s brand awareness. Sharlie manages 90% of all Outcomex’s vendor alliances, developing new partnerships, taking ownership of multi-million dollar vendor programs, and orchestrating engineering training and certifications.

In addition to her day-to-day tasks related to marketing, alliances, and staff management, Sharlie has successfully led the design and fitout of 4 offices across 3 states. Following her previous achievements, Sharlie has been designated to lead all future fitouts and openings of Outcomex offices, with plans to open 3 new offices in Canberra, Brisbane, and Sydney in the next 2 years. There is no doubt, she is a key member in Outcomex’s future growth.

ARN Emerging Leaders Discussion Panel

Not only was Sharlie honoured with the 30 under 30 Tech Award, she was selected to be a part of a three-person discussion panel at the event. Here Sharlie had the opportunity to share her perspective about Millennials in the workplace. As a Millennial herself, she was able to use her own experience and observations to convey her perceptions on the topic.

When asked if Millennials are well suited to tech careers, Sharlie believes that:

“We(Millennials) went through a massive amount of technological changes during our most formative years. We went through VHS, DVD, Blue Ray, back to DVD, and then streaming services, similarly we went from Walkman, Diskman, MP3, Ipod, etc. Going through that many technological changes as a teen, while you’re still in a ‘learning’ phase, has made Millennials extremely agile. This background explains why we embrace change so much and want regular promotions and/or change roles regularly. We have grown up having to change our ways so often that it’s our ‘normal’ and we get bored when a role stays static for too long.”

Congratulations Sharlie and we look forward to seeing what you’ll achieve at Outcomex next!


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