Outcomex is here!

Outcomex has officially launched and we have been excited to share the news for months!

We have established a new corporate identity that represents our organisational culture and values that comprise of customer satisfaction, integrity, and collaboration. Outcomex, formerly Uplinx Group, has a fresh new website and will be relocating to a new premises at the end of December 2016. Other than these observable changes, all core elements of the organisation still remain the same; delivering high quality services to our valuable customers allowing them to adapt to the evolving digital environment.

The new company logo and website has been created by a Sydney based digital agency, whereas all other elements introducing our new corporate identity have been designed by the internal marketing team. Outcomex evolved in an industry that went from networking connectivity to digitalisation; this progression has brought changes to customers’ expectations and to the industry language. This is how the Outcomex brand came to fruition. It represents the way we talk and think, and the focus we have towards delivering practical, tangible, and cost effective engineering excellence.

A New Corporate Identity - Outcomex, formerly Uplinx Group

In anticipation of our continued growth, we will be moving to a new premises showcasing our fresh organisational colours and corporate culture. Our improved work space has been developed to enhance team collaboration. There will be numerous “chill out zones”, communal gaming areas, and an outdoor working area to promote informal discussions between our employees whilst at work. We anticipate our new work space to be ready just in time for Christmas 2016, enabling the team to kick off 2017 with a BOOM!

Celebrating the Uplinx to Outcomex rebranding launch!