On the 14th of December, we commemorated our first anniversary as Outcomex by launching our first ever movie production created in partnership with Cisco, Ingram, and NetApp.

To celebrate this special event, we gathered over 100 of our customers, vendors, and distributors for a private viewing at the Broadway Hoyts cinema. The launch of the video was followed by the premiere of Star Wars ‘The Last Jedi’. Our animated video titled ‘Join the Cyber Force’ was inspired by the Star Wars universe with the purpose of raising awareness around individuals’ responsibility in fighting cyber threats.

As mentioned in the Australian Cyber Security Centre’s 2016 Cyber Security Survey, 90% of organisations have faced some form of attempted cyber-attack during the 2016 financial year. With the recent Locky Ransomware attack delivered by email, and the new Privacy Amendment (Notifiable Data Breaches) Act 2017 coming into action in February 2018, educating organisations and their roles and responsibilities around cyber-security becomes increasingly relevant.

Thank you to everyone who shared this special moment with us that night, especially to Cisco, Ingram, and NetApp for having collaborated with us on this video and event! A special mention also to some of the Outcomex employees who dressed up for the occasion.

For those who did not have the chance to attend the event or wish to watch ‘Join the Cyber Force’ again, click here: