Work better together with Cisco Webex and Microsoft Teams

While we’re working from home, collaborative capabilities are more important than ever.  Meaningful communication is a high priority.


In a multivendor environment, users of different audioconferencing tools can experience a disengaged user experience in virtual meetings. Improved video interoperability between Cisco Webex and Microsoft Teams will improve the collaborative experience, this means teams can work together seamlessly.

Cisco is introducing new capabilities to bridge the gap between Cisco Webex and Microsoft Teams. Cisco Webex video devices will now be able to call Microsoft Teams users. Similarly, Microsoft Teams users can talk to Cisco Webex users from the comfort of Teams.


Two options for enabling video interoperability

  • Cloud Video Interop (CVI):  Cisco manages components in Microsoft Azure that provide interoperability services.  Users can join the meeting with One Button to Push (OBTP), join through IVR, or dial-in to the call directly.
  • Web Real-Time Communication (WebRTC):  Limited experience supporting single screen Active Speaker and one-way content sharing from Microsoft Teams to Cisco Webex.  Call Microsoft Teams from a Cisco Webex cloud registered or aware endpoint.


Webex and Teams logos on laptop


How can I improve my team’s collaborative experience?

With a general availability date of 20 August, 2020, it is time to get to know what you can do with Cisco Webex and Microsoft Teams.  Talk to us so we can make sure you’re equipped for video interoperability.  We want to keep you at the top of your game when it comes to communicating with your colleagues and outside your organisation.


Please reach out to your Outcomex account manager, or:

Barry Fialkov
Collaboration Practice Lead, Outcomex
Mobile: +61 431 205 806


Outcomex is a Cisco Gold Partner with Master Collaboration Specialisation and a Microsoft Gold Partner with Gold Communications competency.

We take pride in our multivendor capabilities and driving collaboration for our clients.  Learn more about how we can enable collaboration in your business.