Outcomex is a leader in design, implementation, and integration of highly critical collaboration deployments since 2006.

Our aim is to provide an optimal and seamless communication experience in the workplace delivering team collaboration. Effective collaboration increases productivity and that transforms your work environment. As a result, your employee experience and customer opportunities improve.

Outcomex was an early adopter of IP telephony, leveraging the LAN and WAN for IP based telephony services across the enterprise. Therefore, as the richness of services and integrations has grown and evolved, Outcomex has stayed at the forefront of leading market capabilities.

We have demonstrable experience delivering:

  • Multi-vendor integration of presence, voice, and video deployments
  • Cloud, on-premises, and geographically-dispersed unified collaboration (UC) environments
  • Business-critical contact centre, particularly voice, video, web, and email ingestion
  • Complex call routing and dial planning
  • Workplace enablement, for example, telepresence and room-based systems
  • Migration of services, such as telecommunications, site, and vendor services
  • Reporting, quality of service, and management toolsets

We enable organisations to implement team collaboration options that will transform the workplace.

Outcomex has the ability to work within our customers’ sites to demonstrate the specific outcomes that a collaboration service can provide. Therefore, our services are designed to provide peace of mind and a tangible understanding of what the end-user experience will be, once implemented.

Outcomex assists customers by providing:

  • Design and architectural services
  • Baseline auditing and optimisation assistance
  • Implementation, configuration and integration activities
  • Platform upgrades and additional capabilities
  • Ongoing management of collaboration environments

Implementing a high-quality collaboration solution assists your company to perform innovatively. For example, improved collaboration can shorten the sales and customer service cycles, reduce time-to-market, and quickly adapt to market changes.

Outcomex is a Cisco Gold Partner with Master Collaboration Specialisation, and a Microsoft Gold Partner with Gold Communications competency. We take pride in our multivendor capabilities.