Mitigate risk by enabling us to proactively monitor your network

Outcomex provides management of complex voice, data centre, security, and network infrastructure environments, through industry standard best practices, to assist customers in driving better commercial and service management metrics.

When specialised solutions are in production, it is often difficult to justify employing highly skilled engineering resources when they are only leveraged on a case by case basis. In that context, it makes sense to engage a certified and trusted specialised provider to manage, support and assist in operational activities.

Outcomex has a number of options to assist in managing environments; programs designed to complement and augment our customers’ internal teams whilst mitigating risk and providing better service outcomes.


Hardware and Software Maintenance

Having the right level of maintenance in place is extremely important, however having a partner to call on to facilitate access to the service is critical.
This is because within complex IT environments it can be difficult to track issues back to a root cause.

When taking a hardware replacement agreement with Outcomex, we provide a number of key benefits at no additional charge:

  • Ability to access Outcomex Service Desk for troubleshooting advice
  • Restoration Target based Service Level Agreements
  • Access to preferential rates for ad-hoc service requests
  • Access to extremely experienced, highly certified and focused engineers
  • Access to mainline support, straight into Level 2 and Level 3 engineering teams
  • Seamless mix of Outcomex and Vendor resources, dealing with your issue

If you are faced with a Priority One failure on hardware which is covered under the appropriate maintenance levels, we will not leave your site until the problem is resolved.


Solution Support

Outcomex provides the opportunity to offload incidents suffered in production environments, to our team of experienced and trained service desk engineers.  This allows specialised 2nd and 3rd level support for critical environments. Solution support can be per technology pillar or holistically across the IT infrastructure.

The Outcomex Solution Support offering provides:

  • Level 2 and Level 3 engineering support for incident management
  • 24 x 7 or 8 x 5 coverage options
  • Access to the Outcomex Service Desk via phone, email or web
  • Included allocation of moves, adds and changes, on a monthly basis
  • SLA’s for response targets
  • End of month reporting
  • Discounted engineering rates for ad-hoc engineering services
  • Options for periodic technical review, health checking and technical incubation


Solution Assurance

We offer the ability to completely offload the responsibility of management and up-time for production environments to our experienced and mature operations team. By proactively monitoring critical environmental metrics and utilising elevated reporting and operational activity, we assure up-time and integrity of services.

Outcomex Solution Assurance includes:

  • All Hardware and Software Maintenance features
  • All Solution Support features
  • Monitoring of critical services and infrastructure
  • 24 x 7 or 8 x 5 coverage options
  • SLA’s for up-time metrics
  • Proactive engineering management

Outcomex understands that not all customers have the same needs or priorities and therefore can tailor customised managed services packages to suit.