Outcomex designed and implemented an end to end Cisco solution that encompassed product offerings from Cisco’s Unified Communications, Networking, Wireless, and Security portfolios. The veterinary hospitals benefited from the upgrade in many ways. The contact centre reporting capabilities enabled them to improve their customer service. The new high availability network made WellPet Vets fully redundant, thus never fearing to lose important information from their patients.


WellPet Vets is a chain of four veterinary hospitals located in the Sydney region. They are composed of over 15 veterinarians and 25 veterinary nurses, and are the only hospitals in Western Sydney and the Blue Mountains to provide a genuine 24-hour 365 days a year emergency service to all of their clients.


As WellPet Vets hospitals strive to be at the cutting edge of animal healthcare, it is critical they have the technology to support their goals. The new solutions implemented by Outcomex aim to overcome some of the hospitals’ challenges. As only one of the four clinics offers a 24hr emergency service, it is important that all locations share patients information in order to provide the best care to their customers’ little furry friends at any given time. The veterinary chain aims to grow in the next few years, so a scalable solution was required. WellPet Vets clinics attract new customers regularly; it can be hard for them to find the right person to talk to. To remediate to that problem, WellPet Vets needed a central point of contact for all its clinics to enable them to redirect calls more efficiently.


To meet the needs of WellPet Vets, Outcomex has designed, built and installed a Cisco Unified Communications infrastructure including new SIP network, new configuration of user profiles for dial tone, of Voicemail, and of Call routing through Cisco Contact Centre. We also designed, built and installed a Cisco Network including switching, Firewalls, and Wireless LAN. The new network provides high availability and strong redundancy capabilities, and was created to scale.


Many of the medical machines used by the veterinary team, like the latest X-Ray & Ultrasound machines have been connected via the wireless to a cloud storage solution to allow robust access from any location, responding to the need to have full access to every patient file from any of the clinics. A new high speed network enables WellPet Vets to connect to their clinics and provides real time access to their practice management software and other internal systems.

The mobility capabilities implemented allow the veterinarians to use the same phone number even if working from a different clinic. The Contact Centre’s applications, AQM and Cisco Media Sense, enable WellPet to produce extensive reporting on the quality of service delivered to their customers, the amount of calls received, and the time waited in queue. The Contact Centre also gave WellPet Vets the central point of contact they needed for their customers to have access to the right person quicker and more efficiently.

Every solution implemented by Outcomex was designed to scale with the foreseen growth of the company.