This week, Outcomex welcomed new starter Shervin Fathinia in its Sydney office. Shervin, previously with Telstra for over 6 years, has been joining our sales team as Account Executive.


Prior to his career at Telstra, Shervin co-founded Unify, a systems integration organisation in 2004, and successfully managed the sale and integration of Unify into iVision in 2009. He then commenced working at Telstra through their acquisition of iVision in 2011. He spent his first few years in the product team, managing the strategy and product planning for the Unified Communications product portfolio. He transitioned into a Business Development Executive role, working across the key accounts in Telstra.

“After leaving Telstra, I spent a lot of time thinking about my next move and wanted to join a company that was on the rise, was recognised as having a great culture of delivering results to customers and wasn’t tied up in processes and politics.” Says Shervin. The vision for the organisation articulated by CEO Marco Delgado heavily resonated with him. The energy he witnessed in the office on his first visit further confirmed his decision to join Outcomex.

Shervin joins David Naylor amongst our employees coming from Telstra. They will definitely both contribute to the development of the Outcomex-Telstra partnership through their unique understanding of the telco giant.

In that regards, Shervin plans to assist Outcomex in working hand in hand with the telecommunication company to identify agile and innovative solutions that are impactful for both our customers. The Outcomex-Telstra partnership is focused on driving Outcomex’ hyper-specialised engineering services via Telstra’s valuable pool of enterprise customers, placing the systems integrator in a strategic market position.Welcoming Shervin Fathinia to the Outcomex Sydney Branch!