Managing mass data fragmentation presents serious challenges for modern organisations. When data is held across multiple systems, the costs of storing, managing and retaining separate data silos adds up. Consolidate your data for enhanced security, visibility and control. Let’s look at managing fragmentation and enhancing the visibility, security, and control of your data assets.

What is mass data fragmentation?

Mass data fragmentation occurs when data is held in multiple locations. Data, which is less critical, such as backups, archives, file shares, object stores, test and development systems and analytics — may be found across locations, infrastructure silos and management systems.

As data footprints grow, information has been progressively stored on-premise, in public or private cloud, private data centres and edge sites. With data sets so spread out, it’s almost impossible for modern organisations to locate and protect their data — let alone harness it for business intelligence.

How mass data fragmentation can impact your organisation

Fragmented data prevents organisations from having a complete view of the data they hold — and that can impact a range of business functions.


Without data visibility, it’s impossible to ensure organisational compliance


Maintaining multiple data locations incurs extra financial pressure


Multiple locations increase the chance of duplication

IT pressure

Data fragmentation can mean IT’s time is taken up installing, maintaining and managing infrastructure

Resource drain

Extra time spent on data management means less time working on critical business activities

Untapped potential

Without access to a full view of organisational data, it’s difficult to harness its full power

How to address mass data fragmentation

Most vendors with solutions to tackle mass data fragmentation are focused on one key offering —  backup services.

The answer to mass data fragmentation isn’t dealing with multiple vendors. Organisations need to adopt a consolidated approach to managing and protecting data — with an integrated solution that can backup, manage, and secure data and allows you to reduce your data footprint.

In a recent Cohesity survey, 94% of respondents agreed they needed more than backup-as-a-service for their data management needs.

State of Data Management Report: Data Management as a Service 2020

Cohesity’s all-in-one data management solution

Cohesity makes it simple to manage and leverage your data. A distributed web-scale file system drives unlimited scalability and secure storage of data, whilst Cohesity’s simplified user interface provides a consistent experience for staff to access and interrogate business data. 

With data safely stored in Cohesity, you can collapse data silos and reduce your data footprint using tools like D duplication to enhance storage efficiency. Cohesity also indexes data to deliver complete visibility of all data stored in the system.

Cohesity offers a rare all-in-one data management solution that scales with your growth.

7 key benefits of Cohesity data management

1. Visibility: identify all your data assets and where they are stored
2. Security: enhanced protection from ransomware attacks
3. User experience: access data through a consistent, single user interface
4. Savings: reduce the costs of ongoing data management, storage and retention
5. Resources: free up IT to work on business-critical activities
6. Compliance: enhance data compliance and reduce risk
7. Innovation: harness your data to unlock efficiencies and opportunities
8. Scalability: a single user interface to scale at enterprise and service provider level, on-prem to ROBO to public cloud, and across multi-public cloud, seamlessly

Managing mass data fragmentation

Solve your mass data fragmentation challenges

Get more from your data and reduce the rising costs of management with Cohesity’s all-in-one data management solution. Cohesity solves your mass data fragmentation challenges in a single platform by consolidating platforms, workloads and infrastructure.

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