Integrating, Automating, and Analysing Data


In this video, Outcomex’s Michael van Zoggel, National Sales Director, and Luca Palermo, IoT Technical Lead, focus on the topic of Integrating, Automating, and Analysing Data within IoT. Learn about the protocols and API’s we have been using in IoT.



Here is the transcript of Outcomex’s Integrating, Automating, and Analysing Data video above:


Michael van Zoggel, National Sales Director, Outcomex

So in our previous installment, we looked at IoT from the point of view of how we provision via the network, how it impacts business and business process. Now it is time to look at data, because the reality is that IoT drives data and that is the whole point of providing network infrastructure in the sense of structuring and discovering these business problems. Given the vast amount that we are ingesting in these platforms, there is a huge amount of work that goes hand in hand with the optimisation of that data. Ensuring that it is persistent, the deduplication of that side of things and ensuring that we have consistency around latency of packets and all these other issues that we face when we ingest such a large volume in a number of different media streams.


Luca Palermo, IoT Technical Lead, Outcomex

It is really important to actually extract the data from the sensor all the way to the platform in a timely manner, and also organising the data in such a way you can then build analytics on top. The core of IoT is the knowledge we are getting out of the sensor. There are multiple ways to transport the data from the sensor into your platform. We have been using MQTT, which is that POP/Sub infrastructure protocol where a publisher published into a broker, then knows where to route that data to the right endpoint and that’s the subscriber. So the actual endpoint at the end of your application then raises the data and then populates everything in the back-end and in the front-end.


Michael van Zoggel

We think it is really important within a platform to allow generic access to that data for our customers to use it in the most ways possible.


Luca Palermo

So we actually build a platform that is able to be integrated in other systems, and we use restful API’s, so we can ingest data from other platforms, or we can actually publish data into other platforms as well. So the sensors can exchange the data and that is very crucial nowadays. These allow us to actually make our platform smarter.


Michael van Zoggel

That is really really important because what we have focused on from day one is to ensure that we have got breath, but we are also using open standards and many industry standards, communication tools, ingestion tools, and transport layers so that customers are not walking into a proprietary technology and that they can use their data where they want to use it, whenever they want to use it.


Luca Palermo

We also use HTTP. It is the standard when it comes to writing API’s, especially restful API’s, and we also build everything in the most secure way, adding TLS on top of HTTP, which encrypts the data from when it comes into the network all the way into the back-end services.


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