Outcomex at Cisco Live 2019

Outcomex was proud to be a third time Platinum Sponsor of Cisco Live Melbourne, a platform where IT professionals came together from 5-8 March.
Our ever growing team from across Australia were flown into Melbourne, proudly wearing the infamous Outcomex blue uniform and ready to make a wave on the stand. Our engineers were also given the opportunity to up skill and attend sessions to learn about the latest technologies in the industry.
Marco Delgado, Managing Director, sees great value in attending the four-day event not only for networking, but also as a team bonding opportunity promoting the company culture.

Another one for Outcomex!: ‘ANZ Security Partner of the year’ Award

2019 is the year Outcomex takes home Cisco’s ‘ANZ Security Partner of the year’ Award for the second time! This title is awarded to Outcomex for our focus on educating customers on the benefits of building security into the organisation’s foundation with an integrated architecture. We would like to congratulate our team for your outstanding work that has led up to this.
A special mention to our Security Practice Lead, Darren Lynn, for his continuous efforts in evangelising the best practices in security and for achieving the highest level of security certifications in the industry.

The one and only: Darren Lynn!
First and only Cisco Fire Jumper Elite in APJC 

A big congratulations to Darren Lynn for being the first and only person to achieve the Cisco Fire Jumper Elite in APJC!
The Fire Jumper Program consists of 4 competency areas across Advanced Threat, Content Security, Network Security and Policy & Visibility. Each Competency requires the ability to learn and present the technology and messaging along with conducting Proof of Value and executing customer sales and engagements. Being amongst the first ten candidates in the world to receive this level of achievement, there is no doubt that the sky’s the limit for Darren.

Coming up on top! DevNet Amazing Race

We would like to congratulate Noel Ruault, Outcomex Software Engineer on winning the DevNet Amazing Race!
This race consisted of players participating with a partner or team and selected Cisco technologies of their choice to be quizzed on. They were asked questions within the category and were required to answer correctly to proceed to the next room. Noel not only answered all the questions correctly, but was the fastest contestant for the day, putting him in the top place of the daily leader board! Just comes to show that no matter what the challenge is, our engineers always come up on top!

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Outcomex on Cisco Chat Live!

In preparation for Cisco Live Melbourne, Outcomex Darren Lynn and Luca Palermo took part in the first ever Cisco Chat Live! from Australia. In collaboration with Cisco, Local Measure, and Dimension Data, they discussed topics which included: Cisco Champions, DevNet training, security, wireless and IoT. A special thanks to Rodney Heron, Stephen Cooper and Silvia Spiva from Cisco and Jonathan Barouch from Local Measure for the opportunity!

Keynote and Think Tank sessions at Cisco Live

Outcomex were given the opportunity to present innovational talks at Cisco Live.

Keynote Session:
Case Study: Leveraging SD-WAN with Cisco ISR for M&A speed of delivery

Outcomex were pleased to have two of our team members present a 40 minute Keynote session. Darren Lynn and Ben Blaschka, Victorian Branch Manager, delivered an engaging talk on leveraging SD-WAN with Cisco ISR for M&A speed of delivery at one of the world’s largest brewing company.

For more information, please contact:

Ben Blaschka   Moblie: +61 401705917  Email: ben.blaschka@outcomex.com.au

Think Tank 1: Creating liveable and innovative cities through IoT

On Wednesday 6th March, Luca Palermo, Outcomex IoT Practice Lead, presented a session on what IoT is and how councils have used IoT to create a smart and better living city. Use cases that were presented include monitoring and management systems for drinkable water quality implemented in our urban cities and tree mounted sensors used in rural areas to monitor natural elements that can contribute to natural disasters.

For more information about IoT, please contact:
Luca Palermo   Moblie: +61 449000818  Email:luca.palermo@outcomex.com.au

Think Tank 1: Automation 101

On Thursday 7th March, we delivered an informing introduction to network automation. The audience were educated on what automation entails, why we should use it and what tools are available to help them get started.

For more information about Automation, please contact our sales team at sales@outcomex.com.au

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After another successful year at Cisco Live, the members of Outcomex deserve a round of applause for their hard work and outstanding efforts to the lead up and during the event. There is no doubt that this team will not only endeavour to cater to all our customers’ needs but will continue to grow.