Generational digital preferences

All generations want outstanding CX, but what that means to them varies greatly. Cater to all ages by leveraging the latest Outcomex and Cisco collaboration tech.

Cloud PBX systems are here to stay

The collaboration scene transformed drastically as the COVID-19 pandemic took the world by storm. With the introduction of Cloud PBX services, organisations have been able to achieve new levels of cus

Outcomex knowledge download

Find out more about how Outcomex leverages AI and API Cisco technology to provide innovative solutions for all your collaboration needs.

AI revolutionising contact centres

AI is innovating contact centres, with automation enhancing collaboration in today's digital workspace.

How to empower collaboration as the meeting experience evolves

With the pandemic came a high demand for hybrid work. Newer technologies allow you to work and collaborate seamlessly.

Transforming the old-school contact centre for next-generation CX 

The contact centre of the future leverages AI and prioritises CX. See how Outcomex and Cisco will get you there sooner.

Can collaboration survive the work from home revolution? 

Discover the right technology to facilitate collaboration in every work environment with Cisco and Outcomex.

The changing face of customer collaboration

Traditional contact centres are no longer optimal for today's landscape. Instead, organisations should assign technologies that provide, metrics on customer satisfaction, AI and speech recognition and

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