The changing face of customer collaboration

Traditional contact centres are no longer optimal for today's landscape. Instead, organisations should assign technologies that provide, metrics on customer satisfaction, AI and speech recognition and

The future of hybrid work

Organisations need improve their collaboration tools and cyber security if they are to create a successful hybrid work environment.

Cloud-based call recording ensuring compliance in the hybrid workplace

Dubber’s Unified Call Recording is ideal for meeting strict compliance regulations in remote, office-based and hybrid workplaces.

Keeping the new hybrid workplace connected

Keep remote workforces connected and collaborating effectively using hybrid Cisco Webex Meetings and intuitive features for seamless engagement.

The future of Cisco contact centre

The future of contact centre: secure cloud calling via Cisco Webex unlocks remote workforce optimisation and strategic productivity gains.

Microsoft: Certified Surface Modern Solution Provider

Outcomex is Microsoft Certified Surface Modern Solution Provider, building on our suite of Gold and Silver Microsoft Competencies.

The New Webex

Cisco Webex are bringing in 2021 with The New Webex - a new series of features and capabilities on Webex that will augment your collaboration experience, no matter where you are!

Cisco Contact Center Enterprise Authorisation

Outcomex achieved the highly specialised Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise Authorisation (UCCE) to sell, deploy and support UCCE products.

Latest Updates Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams has released their latest round of updates with new features that will change the way you work.  New features are easy to access and open doors for communication with your colleagues

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