Improve public safety, track inventory and prevent machine downtime with Smart CityDeck. 

Track assets, vehicles and people to improve safety and security

Through the use of sensors placed strategically throughout cities and community areas, councils are able to monitor where peak areas of foot traffic is, and the peak periods within certain public areas. By identifying where the main slip and fall injuries occur (which areas and what times), safety in these spaces can be greatly improved. With this information, you can better prioritise the health and safety of pedestrians and community members, understand data in real-time data, and reduce time to action if an emergency occurs. 

Better manage your assets and reduce downtime

Smart CityDeck Asset Management tracks indoor and outdoor assets, and provides the location of vehicles, machinery and inventory in real-time. Asset tracking provides an inventory record, transmitting data when inventory is low, creating trackability of inventory – and even track in-transit information regarding the status of a supply chain in real-time. With the ability to monitor where moving assets (whether product, finished goods or people) are within the pipeline, councils can make real-time automated adjustments in scheduling of deliveries and production planning. 

Detect machinery malfunctioning to prevent loss and increase uptime. Monitor the effectiveness of the machinery and receive alerts when the specific machine needs to be maintained before it fails or breaks. Improve quality management and receive automatically generate audit logs.  

Want to understand vehicle activity better? Take a look at our Smart CityDeck Vehicle Counting capabilities.