Next generation CCTV, access control, and analytics rely heavily on IP transit to deliver valuable results when approaching its deployment with the network in mind.

Outcomex can assist to leverage existing network assets and bring advanced Physical Security capabilities to the enterprise.

We deliver:

  • Access control for buildings, car parks, gates and other access methods
  • High resolution, smart CCTV cameras and media handling
  • Analytics – facial recognition, public safety and incident management recall
  • Sensor technology for gas, fluid, noise and light anomalies
  • Internal, external, public space and operational area coverage
  • Reporting, recall, indexing and journaling for incident management
  • Integration with wireless LAN, LAN, WAN and data centre infrastructure
  • Single vendor deployment across the entire enterprise

Outcomex believes that leveraging the investment in network architecture to deliver multiple services is the key to extracting value from that investment.

Due to the criticality of Physical Security deployments, we understand the importance of using Physical Security to protect against possible threats to the organisation.

Outcomex provides the following Physical Security capabilities:

  • Design, implementation and integration of CCTV and Access control systems
  • Design and implementation of analytics engines
  • Surveying and consultancy to meet business and governance requirements
  • Management of Physical Security environments and devices.