Michael van Zoggel Becomes Managing Director of Outcomex


On the 30th April, Michael van Zoggel was promoted from National Sales Director to Managing Director of Outcomex. The news was first announced publicly during a virtual company event.

Michael van Zoggel’s promotion comes as Marco Delgado, founder of Outcomex, progresses from Managing Director to CEO. This change will allow Marco to move his focus from business operations to technology innovation and business growth. Discussing the announcement, the new CEO mentions: “We have strong teams reporting into a solid management structure that underpins our success and will put us in good stead for the year ahead. Michael is a great leader and I’m confident that he will continue to achieve success in his new role, just as he has done previously, as we continue to service the Australian ICT landscape”

Following his nomination, Michael van Zoggel comments “I’m absolutely humbled to be given the opportunity to lead a team – who in my opinion are the most skilled, valuable and experienced in what they do, within the Australian market – into FY21.  This organisation has an amazing feel, solid value proposition and enviable reputation, it’s always been a pleasure to come to work every day. We have achieved great things so far and I think by sticking to the core tenants of the business, being speed, agility and proven performance, our potential is absolutely massive.  Marco has laid the groundwork for success – we’ll continue to grow, while exceling in the delivery of services in market.”


A swift transition

The newly appointed Managing Director has been evolving in the IT industry in New Zealand and Australia since 1997, starting as a Novell Systems Engineer, and quickly making his way up through roles like Services Engagement Specialist, and Account Executive. He came to Outcomex in 2014 as our National Sales Manager. As his department grew to include teams in New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia, he was promoted to National Sales Director in early 2019. In the last few years, he has helped solidify Outcomex’s position in the ICT market by driving executive engagements with our customers and vendors, as well as leading a successful sales team. Since his nomination, Michael has received full support from the rest of the Outcomex team and our partners.

Marco Delgado explains “Michael has unofficially been working as the Managing Director in our business for a while now, hence he will transition into the role with minimal changes required.”

As businesses are confronted to a shifting market in these unprecedented times, Michael van Zoggel is one of the lucky few to be taking the reins of a solid company. Since 2016, Outcomex has been expanding our market shares around Australia by leveraging our reputation as engineering experts and thriving to offer exceptional customer service.

Marco Delgado notes “We continue to see strong demand across a multitude of technologies such as Managed Services, Cyber Security, Internet of Things and Software Engineering, hence we are positioning Outcomex to best cater to that growth.”