Smart CityDeck Weed Detection eliminates noxious weeds from public spaces.

Reducing risk and improving roads and public spaces

According to national Biosecurity Acts, local governments have a legal responsibility for managing weeds across their lands. This means that councils and cities who don’t maintain biosecurity obligations receive a hefty fine and penalties for not being compliant.  

Early detection of weeds increases the success of control while reducing the cost of eradication because infestations can be treated when they are less extensive. 

Councils and cities need insights and monitoring capabilities to combat weed management, including the eradication and containment of high-risk weeds through on-ground control. 

Making managing community and public spaces easier with Smart CityDeck

The Smart CityDeck Weed Detection feature detects, and reports weeds present on your property. Reporting type of noxious weed and density. Through this feature, councils and cities can remove noxious weeds rapidly, thereby eliminating threats posed by invasive pests and diseases. This also helps in  

Weed management is an essential activity and a significant ongoing expense for councils and cities if left unattended. Councils and cities need the ability to be alerted to spaces where weed infestations are growing to combat the growing cost of weed eradication.  

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