Let Smart CityDeck illuminate your city’s dark spaces. 

Enhancing public spaces

Create a safe, more welcoming environment, and enhance public spaces with smart lighting. With Smart CityDeck’s Smart Lighting, lamp posts automatically light up when people or cars are sensed and are automatically adjusted based on the period of activity, saving costs and reducing energy consumption. According to Gartner, smart lighting can reduce energy costs by up to 90%.  

Through remote monitoring, councils can understand how many vehicles and people pass through the space and increase the number of light posts available. Smart lighting also has the ability to adapt to its location (and not just time of day), including taking into account weather/natural lighting circumstances to improve efficiency and increase safety. 

Optimise location and gain insight into lighting usage

With the ability to detect patterns, councils can create spaces that optimise lighting and ensure adequate lighting in high usage areas. Using historical information, councils can identify and detect anomalies in lighting usage and be able to look at detailed location information for a choice of hourly, daily, or weekly energy data. The Smart CityDeck application also provides historical data, and allows you to use graphs to compare multiple locations.