Improve water quality in lakes, ponds and dams with Smart CityDeck. 

Gain crystal clear insight into water quality

Valuable insights into the quality of large bodies of water, such lakes, ponds and dams, assist councils in making decisions about how often they need to look into effectively improving the quality of the water for their communities.   

Smart CityDeck sensors are installed and calibrated to capture reliable water quality information. This data is available through the Smart CityDeck application in real-time, giving councils the ability to remotely monitor and detect algae levels in water sources.  

Historical patterns of what the water quality has been also stored on the application, allowing councils to look back at predictive patterns of water quality and see how often scheduling of quality improvement is needed.  

Chemical Free Algae Control

Smart CityDeck takes algae monitoring one step further, and provides remediation capabilities by using chemical-less, solar-powered pontoons which cycle ultrasonic frequencies through water thereby killing the algae at various depths in the water. This is a safe, non-toxic and effective method, leaving all other plant life and fish life unaffected.