Outcomex have once again claimed the title of 1st place winners at the 2021 Cisco Global Partner Innovation Challenge, making it our second global win in a row! The news was announced on Thursday, 10th November at the 2021 Cisco Partner Summit.

Outcomex first competed in the ANZ theatre, where we won 1st place and a prize of $50,000 USD. After this win, Outcomex was invited to compete for the global award against the winners of all regional theatres, comprising 12 finalists from around the world. This resulted in another first-place win for Outcomex, taking home a $200,000 USD prize for a total win of $250,000 USD.

Our latest win recognises Outcomex’s innovation within TransportDeck, our IoT solution which provides the Transport and Mobility Sector the ability to monitor, count and gather information around transport areas such as pick-up drop off (PUDO) bays, taxi and bus ranks, and pedestrian traffic areas.

Through the utilisation of Cisco APIs and industrial hardware, Meraki cameras, and advanced object recognition capabilities with our AI/ML algorithms, TransportDeck offers real-time visibility and analytics on pedestrians and vehicles numbers, wait times, and traffic flow. This data allows councils and the transport industry to make informed business decisions to improve area accessibility, safety, and to manage people and traffic flow.

Second win in a row

This is our second consecutive global win, following our successful submission of Farmdeck in 2020 where we took home first place in the ANZ and Global theatres.

The financial reward received following the 2020 edition contributed to further the research and development of our IoT solutions, as well as to expand our software engineering department. These investments allowed us to continually improve our AI/ML models and develop new custom solutions to help an even broader range of customers make better business decisions through smart data.     

The Big Question: Where will the reward be invested this time?

With the reward won with TransportDeck, we will continue to invest into the research and development of new solutions and features customised to meet specific industries’ requirements, developing more AI/ML algorithms to push the limits of technology and to continuously improve our platforms.
Specifically, for TransportDeck, our team will soon start working on smart digital signage to help with parking signage and to provide accurate information to the public, and on level crossing solutions to improve safety between the different vehicles using level crossings, which are intersections where a railway line crosses a road or path, or in rare situations an airport runway, on the same level.

365mesh: Innovation at Outcomex

Our ambition in the IoT space is to provide innovative, customisable, and affordable IoT solutions to help organisations from any industry work smarter and more efficiently and securely. To achieve our goal while prioritising speed to market, we created an underlying platform for all Outcomex IoT solutions called 365mesh.

The Cisco Partner Innovation Challenge provides the opportunity for Cisco partners to showcase their innovative creativity with technology while harnessing Cisco API’s. Over the last four years, this challenge has grown and evolved, with a record number of submissions each year from across the Cisco global partner community. With incredible partner diversity across regions, company size and thinking, winning first place is a testimonial to Outcomex’s innovation, talent, and capability.