Cisco DNA Spaces (a cloud-based location services platform) turns buildings into smart spaces, utilising existing Cisco devices such as IoT sensors, Meraki cameras and Webex devices. It provides the link between, data available in physical locations and insights into how people and things move within these spaces. 

Cisco DNA Spaces creates value, drives better outcomes, generates efficiencies and enhances performance within multiple industries, such as the education, healthcare, retail and manufacturing sectors. By utilising the cloud-based location services platform, each of these industries gain a deeper understanding and insight into various factors, like behaviour or space utilisation. Below we explore a few industries that have been positively impacted by Cisco DNA Spaces.  

The Education Industry  

Cisco DNA Spaces helps extend the possibilities for education with insights such as behaviour and space utilisation analytics, leading to enhanced student and guest experiences. 

Real-Time Occupancy: Visualise real-time occupancy to understand and control how space is being used. 

Space Utilisation & Behaviour Analytics: Understand space utilisation to ensure you have the right-sized real estate portfolio and student behaviour for reporting and mapping to performance.  

Wi-Fi Onboarding: Seamless and secure Wi-Fi onboarding via OpenRoaming. Acquire identity and map to enterprise systems. 

Contactless Engagements: Send contextual engagement and important notifications to students and visitors based on location, behaviour, and other important metrics.  

The Healthcare Industry 

Healthcare providers are using Cisco DNA Spaces to monitor environments to minimise wastage, track key assets, improve patient experience and maintain staff safety.  

Environmental Monitoring: Reduce spoilage of medication and other critical inventory with real-time monitoring and alerting of temperature and humidity. 

Patient Tracking & Staff Safety: Track infants, patients and staff to maintain security. Enable safety and compliance and trigger alerts and maintain hand sanitisation compliance and policies. 

Patient Experience: Deliver contextual notifications to patients and staff, and improve indoor navigation and patient experience. 

Wi-Fi Onboarding: Seamless and secure Wi-Fi onboarding via OpenRoaming. Acquire identity and map to enterprise systems. 


The Retail Industry

Retailers are utilising Cisco DNA Spaces to improve satisfaction scores, increase customer acquisition, improve overall customer experience, boost loyalty and measure behavioural insights.  

Onboarding and Acquisition: Onboard and acquire customers and loyalty members to expand customer base. Seamless and secure Wi-Fi onboarding via OpenRoaming. 

Customer Experience: Offer a differentiated experience based on location and persona, and capture real-time feedback and take immediate action. 

Store Performance Insights: Understand peak times, benchmark performance and measure the impact of events. 

Extend and Integrate: Integrate with enterprise systems and unlock data to drive outcomes from external systems. 

The Manufacturing Industry

Cisco DNA Spaces drives efficiencies and provides key insights into manufacturing processes that can guide changes that focus on better outcomes.  

Employee Behaviour Insights: Understand employee behaviour that effects performance and job satisfaction. 

Optimise space utilization and occupancy with actionable insights and establish correlations for better decision making.  

Employee Experience: Deliver contextual notifications to employees based on location and behaviour. 

Extend and Integrate Systems: Integrate with enterprise systems, unlock data to drive outcomes from external systems.  

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